Sonic The Hedgehog appeared briefly in Sally Acorn Vs. Mega Man 2, ostensibly to help Sally Acorn against Mega Man, Astro Boy and Geno. He was then murdered and replaced by Steve Urkel due to Sally's complaints. He was voiced by Miles. He is also set to appear in an upcoming battle, Sonic vs Star Wars.

Information on the Rapper

Sonic the Hedgehog is the main character of the video–game based franchise of the same name, and the mascot of SEGA.


It's my world, when I come out and step it up into the zone;

Chaotic raps! Like this was Camelot, I'm stealing the throne!

Throw you for a Shuttle Loop with that mad Spin Dash.

YOU'RE TOO SLOW for me to fight; yo, let me battle the Flash!

Score that S–Rank with flying Colors when I Unleash my rhymes,

With 700 rings in hand, and I'll Crush you 40 times!

And I can't promise that you'll Live, but you're sure as Iblis Learn

Just What I'm Made Of, when my speed gives you all wack friction burns!

(in background:) Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah....

...Blah blah blah... Cracked so many eggs, could live on omelet– (*killed by Steve Urkel*)


  • He has the least amount of lines of any rapper in the series, excluding The Rowdyruff Boys and Kevin 11, who are considered cameos.
  • He is the eighth character to be killed during a battle.