Daria Morgendorffer battled Gwen in Gwen Vs. Daria and also made a cameo at the end of Shinji Ikari Vs. Rorschach as the first character in the "Congratulations" montage. She was voiced originally by ZukaMikki, and by Chelsea Kuehl in her later cameo.

Information on the Rapper

Daria Morgendorffer is a fictional character created by MTV, first appearing on Beavis and Butt-Head in a recurring supporting role and later being the central star of her own series, simply titled Daria. She was voiced in all appearances by Tracy Grandstaff. Daria is a very intelligent, cynical, snarky and antisocial teenage girl who is constantly surrounded by people of much lesser intelligence than herself and is known for her consistently deadpan demeanor and nearly–monotone voice. Her only significant friendship is with fellow cynic Jane Lane, whose guitarist brother, Trent, she originally had a crush on before abandoning interest in him and starting a more direct relationship with Jane's previous boyfriend, Tom Sloane, which caused major friction between the two girls. At the end of the series, Daria breaks up with Tom in favor of her friendship with Jane.


Verse 1

I've got to be direct, Gwen: you're about to get smoked.

Your whole life, your whole world is just a sick, sad joke.

You think I still care the slightest bit about Trent?

Get with the times, and while you're at it, get bent.

I'm a philosopher, you're a pathetic trash–talker.

Need to know why I'm brilliant? Just ask Doug Walker.

Your time's spent suffering, fighting, all over a bad check,

And now, I'm looking forward to standing on YOUR neck.

I'll maul you like a koala, and make your eyes swell.

In short: I'm Daria. Go to Hell.

Verse 2

That's it, Shakespeare, leave the rhyming to me.

Your lines have so much shallowness, I mistook it for complexity.

And it's funny. After what you've been through, you should be dead.

I've seen safer behavior from Beavis and Butthead.

And you've nothing to show for it; no money, no fame,

So next season, just go straight to the Whatever–of–Shame.

You'll never be free from the sadistic games of Chris,

And you practically ruined your social life with one kiss.

While my love triangle was subtle and realistic,

You downright cheated, and let your "best friend" go ballistic.

You're just a slutty caricature; I invented cartoon drama.

So consider this loss your latest serving of karma.